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2013 Q1 – China Daily Deal Market Report – A Stable Start


The revenue of the Chinese daily deal market in 2013 Q1 is more than 10.3 billion RMB, hardly any increase compared to 2012 Q4. One reason might be people buy less during the Chinese New Year holiday.

The Consolidation continues with the Top deal sites.
Looking at the trends of the overall market share of the top 5 and top 10 sites, we see a steady increase.

In the past 4 quarters, the Nr. 1 and 2, Juhuasuan and Meituan haven’t given up their positions, while furious competition occurred among Nr.3-6.

Meituan, Dianping & Lashou stay in the top 3 for local deals’ revenue.

Juhuasuan is not only the leader, but the emperor of shopping (product) deals. The revenue of Juhuasuan shopping deals accounted for 62.7%.

When cross analyzing Beauty/Massage & Hotpot/BBQ (2 popular service deal categories) with the 4 big cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Chengdu), we see even the market leaders like Meituan, Lashou have their weak points.

For example, in terms of market share on Beauty/Massage, Dianping is strong in all 4 cities, and outstanding in Shanghai – its headquarter.
Meituan is, relative to its overall market share, weak in all the 4 big cities.
Lashou is doing well in Guangzhou, but under performing in the other 3 cities.

In the beginning of 2013, Gaopeng, Ftuan and QQtuan (Entity of Tencent) merged together and relaunched New Gaopeng; Renren announced that they will invest more in Nuomi.

Besides that, there is no much new news about funding in the Chinese daily deal market.

The daily deal sites have to survive by making their operation more efficient.
One of the keys to grab more market share will be to better use data to understand the weak and strong points of themselves as well as their competitors.

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Please find the full China 2013, Q3 Daily Deal Market Report on Speakerdeck or alternatively on Slideshare

Juhuasuan dominates product daily deals


The difference between sourcing a service deal and a product deal is that for the former a sales person actually needs to convince a very busy merchant to offer steep discounts in return for new and hopefully regular customers, while for the latter it’s a matter of selecting items from product feeds that several product deal suppliers have prepared. Continue reading

Daily Deal Industry in China Q3, 2012 inc. Travel Special


We have just finished our latest report on Q3, 2012 on the Daily Deal Industry in China
The highlights are:

  • In Q3 2012, the revenue of the daily deals is about 7.6 billion.
  • The Top 20 websites account for 98.3% of the market
  • Overall Juhuasuan is still the no.1 (this is for Service Deals as well as Product Deals).
  • The leaders in Service deals are Meituan, Dianping and Nuomi
  • Shopping was the most popular category in Q3; Clothing/Footgear ranked top 1.


  • Travel is the new “hot” category.
  • About 60,000 travel deals have been launched in 2012 Q3.
  • Travel deals revenue is nearly 600 million, 9% of the total revenue in 2012 Q3.
  • Even for typical local service deal websites, such as Dianping/Meituan, the share of travel deals is growing.


Please find the China 2012, Q3 Daily Deal Market Report on


China Daily Deal Customer Satisfaction Survey 2012, Q2


We wanted to know more about the daily deal experiences in China.
Almost 2000 Chinese provided us in May and June 2012 with insights in the way they buy deals, whether they like, which sites they recommend and if they recommend deals to others.

The main findings are

  • Chinese consumers are heavy buyers of daily deals and intend to even buy more., even though 1/3 of the merchants didn’t deliver a satisfying experience for the buyer.
  • The most recommended websites are Juhuasuan, Meituan, Lashou and Dianping
  • Chinese deal buyers are active recommenders using IM & Face-to-Face communication.

The presentation can also be found on Speakerdeck

We’re currently doing the same survey worldwide.

Please participate and spread the word. You can find the survey here

Daily Deal Industry China 2012, Q2 – Juhuasuan is doing well


We have just finished our latest report on Q2, 2012 on the Daily Deal Industry in China

The highlights are:

  • Overall Juhuasuan is the no.1 (this is for Service Deals as well as Product Deals).
  • In Q2, 2012 revenue of Juhuasuan shopping deals is more than the total revenue of all its competitors combined.
  • Taking out Product deals the leaders in Service deals are Meituan, 55tuan and Dianp- ing.
  • The top 20 deal websites have 97.1% of the market.


The presentation can also be found on Speakerdeck