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Win a Gift package with all the cool things a commercial general manager at the Red Cross can get

The China Red Cross is very much in the news and not because of its charity.

From the NY Times - An Online Scandal Underscores Chinese Distrust of State Charities (also see Chinasmack for related pics and text)

The photographs of the alluring young woman landed like hand grenades in the world of Chinese philanthropy.

One showed her wearing sunglasses and leaning on the hood of a white Maserati. Another revealed her closetful of Hermès handbags. Yet a third showed her sipping a drink in a business-class cabin on an airline flight. None of it was outrageous by the standards of China’s nouveau riche.

What ignited a firestorm was the fact that the woman, Guo Meimei, 20, appeared to hold a senior position at the Red Cross Society of China, a government organization that is the country’s largest charity. Under the name “Guo Meimei Baby,” she had boasted on her microblog that her title was “commercial general manager” at the Red Cross, a claim that had apparently been verified by Sina, the Internet company hosting the microblog

And scandalous news makes a good deal as Tuanok showed with a special Lucky Draw that roughly translates as:

“Win a Gift package with all the cool things that Miss Guo used to show off”

Red Cross China


More than 3500 people participated.

The lucky winner, unknown for now, will get a mini lamborghini, a mini mini cooper and other gadgets.