The Chinese Daily Deal Market in 2012

2012 has ended but the deal industry is still going strong, at least when it concerns launching new deals and finding new categories to expand the deal portfolio.

Like we did last year we have published our 2012 China Daily Deal Market report.

We have looked at the top players, the trend of travel deals as well as the role Juhuasuan plays in product daily deals.

As the “original” daily deals were all local we also look at the role local service deals still have in the groupbuying world.

One of our goals is to know which deals perform well in what city offered by what deal site. We have added a cross analysis for Hotpot and Movie deals of the Top 5 deal sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to find out their weak and strong points.

Over the coming 5 days we will introduce the different parts of the 2012 Daily Daily Market in China report.

We will end with our predictions for the year of the Snake.

That’s one of the advantages of China. 2 New Years, is 2x predictions.

The full report can be found on Speakerdeck or see hereunder the embedded version.

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