The Pricing strategy of Chinese Groupbuying Websites – Daily Deal Market February 2012

The Pricing strategy of Chinese Groupbuying Websites.

As Winner ends, the lines in front of our neighbourhood Mongolian Hotpot place have evaporated. And those were seriously long lines with people braving the outside cold for a warm meal of anything cookable in boiling water. No surprise then that in February, Hotpot deals as a subcategory generated the most revenue.

A little later than planned with Easter around the corner, and the Tomb Sweeping Festival just behind us we present the latest data on the Chinese Groupbuying market.

There are no big changes in the top 10 as Meituan prolongs its lead. The market shares of 55tuan/Dianping/Lashou continue to grow and the top 4 now makes up more than 47.5% of the total Deal revenue. To put that in perspective, the Top 10 represents 78% of the Deal revenue. The change is here more in market consolidation.

One of the previous top contenders 24quan continues its slide down, while Didatuan hangs on for the second month in postion 10.

Hotpot deals were, as mentioned, hot subcategories (too easy, I know), Travel and Photography were doing quite good as well.

This time we show 2 new insights

1/ The pricing strategy of the top contenders is very different, where some like “Low price – Low Discount’, others prefer the opposite.
In a later report we’ll see if this strategy has always been the same. And in case we figure out the best strategy we’ll start our own deal website.

2/ In different places they have a preference for different deals. In this report we show you a peek into the subcategory kitchen of a couple of cities spread over China

||About is a unique daily deal aggregator and analytics platform in China and the rest of Asia.
It collects daily more than 8000 new deals from over 300 Chinese cities and thousands in the the rest of Asia. was started with 2 goals in mind.

1/ To recommend the best deals to our users based on where they are, what they like and when they want it as well as giving them tools to manage them
2/ To analyze the deal data in order to find out what constitutes the best daily deal helps Daily Deal websites figuring out which deals to offer and where.
It helps analysts and investors understand the market dynamics
Dataotuan provides advice to merchants about which deal websites to cooperate with.

Dataotuan aggregates and analyzes the daily deal markets in China ( Singapore (, Malaysia (, The Philippines (, Taiwan (, Australia ( and New Zealand (
More countries will follow soon as our goal is to cover all Asia and then the rest of the world.

The presentation can also be found on Speakerdeck

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