Popular Local Services Deals – How well does Meituan do?

With the vast amount of data we gather, we know in detail how well all the players did in 2012.

We looked closer at the top 5 players in the 3 biggest Chinese cities, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to see how well they did.

By cross-analyzing data of the most popular local services (hotpot and movies) with the top deal websites we found that:

  • Meituan is, relative to its overall market share, very weak in Beijing.
  • Nuomi, Lashou and 55tuan all have space in Shanghai & Guangzhou to improve.
  • Dianping is strong in all 3 cities, and outstanding in its base Shanghai.
  • Nuomi is doing well in the cinema’s in Beijing.

To see the cross analysis for Hotpot, please see our full report.

Doing the cross analysis also shows that each of these deal websites still has opportunities to grow or take market share from the others.

This is a good sign as the market can only benefit from more competition.

The year 2013 is already well on its way and a new year of the Snake has just started.

As mentioned earlier we will come with our predictions for 2013 in the coming days.

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