2011 Group-buying Market Report China, Taiwan & SE-Asia has published its December 2011 report on the Chinese Group-buying Industry including the year 2011 overview.
For the first time data from other Asian countries are included as well, See also our Asian Group-Buying Market infographic.

Chinese Top Deal sites Ranking by Revenue

2011 is the year that the Chinese Group-buying market got more and more concentrated. The top 10/20 deal sites took a bigger and bigger market share.
There are 2 kind of deal sites in China. For now Independent websites, like Meituan are leading but it seems that affiliated deal sites like Nuomi are catching up.
The big deal websites are diversifying into different business models to survive in this very competitive market. Some plan to become a sales channel, others an online shopping mall and you also have those that stay focused on local services deals.

The whole year the number of deals kept increasing, almost as though this would be the solution for more sales.
From Q1 to Q3 though the average Nr. Sold kept dropping sharply. It seems to have stabilized in Q4.

The winners of 2011 in the Chinese Group-buying market

The quality of deals shows to be a more and more important factor for revenue.
The top 3 in Revenue in December are Meituan, 55Tuan and Dianping
The top 3 in quality/top deals are again Dianping, Meituan & Nuomi

The Asian Deal Market

For the first time Dataotuan publishes insights about other Asian countries. See also our Asian Daily Deal Market infographic.

Asian Deal Categories Compared

Beauty-massage deals are very popular in Asia. They have the biggest percentage in deals number in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan.
Travel deals are very often launched as well. They have the 2nd biggest percentage in deals number in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and China.
People in both Mainland China and Taiwan like dining deals. The difference is the Mainlanders are fans of hotpot, while Taiwanese have a sweet tooth (for Desserts).

Asian Pricing Compared (All prices are calculated back to US $)

China has the lowest average price ($21.7), but with the biggest Nr. Sold per deal (460).
The average price per deal in Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia is much higher than in China and Taiwan. The reason might be the bigger percentage of Life services deals, which are more expensive than Dining deals. Singapore has the highest average price ($58.8). Malaysia the smallest Nr. Sold per deal (134).

||About is a unique daily deal aggregator and analytics platform in China and the rest of Asia.
It collects daily more than 8000 new deals from over 300 Chinese cities and thousands in the the rest of Asia. was started with 2 goals in mind.

1/ To recommend the best deals to our users based on where they are, what they like and when they want it as well as giving them tools to manage them
2/ To analyze the deal data in order to help Daily Deal websites figuring out which deals to offer and where, to help analysts and investors understand the market dynamics, and to provide advice to merchants about which deal websites to cooperate with.

Dataotuan aggregates and analyzes the daily deal markets in China, Singapore , Malaysia, The Philippines , Taiwan , Australia and New Zealand.
More countries will follow soon as our goal is to cover all Asia and then the rest of the world.

See high res version on  Asian Daily Deal Market infographic.

The presentation can also be found on Speakerdeck

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