Warm Winter Deals & Shanghai’s Quality over Beijing’s Quantity – China Daily Deal Market October 2011

While last weekend the 23 degrees Celsius made it seem like Spring was back for a second time this year, hot selling deals have been bedding, warm underwear and warm plasters. That last one I had to google as I had no idea it existed.

At least the buyers are well prepared in case the cold will come as the concrete walls make the insides of apartments colder than the outside.

Dataotuan has published the October 2011 Daily Deal Websites Report with the sub title, “Warm Winter Deals & Shanghai’s Quality over Beijing’s Quantity”

In short an overview of our findings:

  • Lashou made it this month to the no.1 position for the revenue ranking.
  • The average price per deal decreased and the average Nr.Sold increased in October, which is against the overall trend in the last 5 months.
  • The group-buying market in Tier 1 cities is much more developed than Tier 2 cities
  • Beijing is the biggest group-buy market. Compared with Shanghai, over 50% more deals are launched in Beijing,
  • The average Nr. Sold per deal though in Shanghai is significantly higher than Beijing, indicating a higher deal quality.
  • Seasonal deals are bedding, warm underwear and plasters.

For the full report including the latest updates about, yes we have a mobile version now, yes we can sell you a lot of data, please see hereunder.


The Shanghai’s quality findings are nothing new for anyone living here.
We can imagine Beijing’s quantity probably is due to a craving for warm underwear and warm plasters. Be careful where you stick them.

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